"Sharks and Minnows rocks! I couldn't put it down!


Jolie is a young girl with a special gift. A simple touch and she can

see your past, and sense your energy. In another world she’d be

getting on a train on her way to wizard school. But this is the

suburbs in post-recession Las Vegas; there is no Hogwarts and Jolie

doesn’t have an enchanted owl. She’s got her intellect, her wits,

uneasy memories of a childhood on the move and not much more. All

Jolie wants is to survive high school, which is largely dependent on

her mom sticking with a boyfriend in the same place long enough for

that to happen.


Mom’s current beau is wrapped up in a bit of black magic; he enjoys a

reputation as a charismatic, boozy shaman, eagerly manipulating locals

and Jolie’s mother with a poisonous blend of charisma, magic and evil.

When Jolie learns she’s been chosen as the Solstice Virgin in a

special ceremony whether she wants to or not, she’s forced to dig deep

and come to grips with her own power in a mile a minute thrill ride

marking the exciting debut of a new voice in Young Adult Books. Sharks

and Minnows rocks! E. F. Winters has created a terrific mix of pacing,

character and story that has at its center a young woman; no longer a

kid but certainly not an adult, thrust into a potent blend of natural

magic, evil and the ever present oppressive pressure of trying to

survive on the edge of poverty. Sharks and Minnows is exciting,

heartbreaking and impossible to put down; Sharks and Minnows The Jolie

Chronicles is the beginning of what I can only imagine to be a

breathtaking adventure. Highly recommended."

                                                                     ---G. Walker on May 20, 2014

                                                                      Verified Purchase

"Perfect for Paranormal Lovers, May 24, 2014 This review is from: Sharks and Minnows (Paperback) If living in a trailer and being a misfit in high school isn't enough for Jolie, being psychic on top of all of that doesn't make it any easier. She's had these feelings for a long time but were confused by them but as she becomes older, her gifts become stronger and she finds herself in a psychic battle internally trying to find out who she is, struggling with her mom's boyfriend and trying to be a regular teen all at the same time. This is a solid story and those who like YA paranormal stories will enjoy it. There is a romantic element between the main character Jolie and Sean, but I wouldn't call it a paranormal romance exactly. It's well-written, the author is obviously a seasoned writer and the ending leaves you wanting more. Sometimes the story might take a different turn than you would expect but that's a good thing. Recommended." ---JEFF RIVERA "Bestselling Author" (San Jose, Costa Rica)
5.0 out of 5 stars A surprising urban adventure, June 6, 2014 "In broad strokes this is paranormal YA . . . but that's a wild oversimplification. It's got undertones of magic and spirituality, but mostly it's an urban teen adventure (I won't say "coming of age" because it's really not that simple or clear-cut). There's a lot of "Who do you trust?" and "How can you trust?", and a lot of making the best of bad situations. It's rough (but not sadistic). The word that keeps coming to mind when I think of how to describe it is "honest:" it's nicely assembled, but not formulaic, and never predictable. Characters make mistakes and some behave badly, but never feel one dimensional: it's not just good vs. evil. It doesn't pull any punches, and it's never simple. Even though I'm wildly not the target audience, it's gripping: after about the first third, I wolfed down the whole thing in one sitting, and really enjoyed it (I even got a little choked up, but sleep dep might account for some of that). Really, the only thing I can find to nitpick about is some iffy copy editing and surface features. All told, it's solid, and shows some real interesting authorial voice. If it sounds even remotely interesting, this is worth your time. ---T. Winters (New York, NY, United States) Verified Purchase

5.0 out of 5 stars A real setting and real characters!, June 16, 2014


This review is from: SHARKS AND MINNOWS (The Jolie Chronicles Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

"Gritty good! I loved the familiar arenas coming to life with love-able characters. I really grew to love them. i want to see more of them again. Just one of the great things about this book - no generation gaps. All ages were rooting for each other. This series has promise."

                                                                                             ---Harold Long